Supporting the EU’s cyber diplomacy

EU Cyber Direct - EU Cyber Diplomacy Initiative is an EU-funded project focused on policy support, research, outreach and capacity building in the field of cyber diplomacy. It builds on the achievements of the work that was launched already in 2018.

Our objective is to identify opportunities for increased convergence between the EU and other stakeholders on the application of existing international law in cyberspace and development of cyber norms and confidence building measures. We look at the ongoing cyber-related process at the global, regional and national levels.

EU Cyber Direct also aims to increase participation of different stakeholder groups in regional and global debates on responsible behaviour and resilience in cyberspace through building capacities and sharing knowledge about the EU’s standards, policies and good practices.

The EU Cyber Direct focuses on four key themes:

  • conflict prevention and advancing responsible behaviour in cyberspace through international law, norms, and confidence-building measures (CBMs), 
  • cyber resilience and critical infrastructure protection,
  • cybercrime and criminal justice in cyberspace, and 
  • new and emerging technologies with a potential disruptive effect.